The talented artist A.C., was born as Albert C. Johnson on May 2, 1988. He grew up in the small city of Elkhart, IN while he and his brother were raised by a hard working single mother. A.C’s love and passion for music grew and manifested at a young age. He was introduced to talented artists, soulful sounds, and meaningful bars by his mother, as she would clean the house and play RnB/Hip Hop music in the 90’s. This stuck with him and influenced him to start freestyling to instrumentals with the local neighborhood kids and record the freestyles on cassette tapes at the age of 13. During this era, a lot of his influences were talented artists like 2 Pac, Biggie Smalls, Redman, Method Man, and The Hot Boyz. At the age of 15, A.C. started to take his craft serious. He started to write lyrics, merge bars together to create songs, and even zoned in on producing, but it was the rapping that really stuck with him.

In 2001, A.C. teamed up with the local Hip Hop group A.O.N.S.L (All Or Nothin Squadlife). They started to build a buzz in the city while recording songs and sharing them on social media. A.O.N then began working on their first mixtape titled “2 Out of the 6”. Unfortunately, this mixtape never got released due to the incarceration of A.C. and 2 other members of the group. In the midst of recording and working a full time job, A.C. and the other members would commit robberies all around the city. This act was done to make extra quick money, and led the members to a quick arrest. A.C. was sentenced to 6 years in prison, which was only 9 months after graduating high school. While incarcerated, A.C. furthered his education and worked on his craft as an artist. Released a year early due to time cuts in 2012, A.C. became more focused on building his career with his team. A.C. strives to put together time-less music, working on making his music mainstream, and spreading his music all over the world so that listeners can hear, connect with, and engage with his music.

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