Devonta Lockett aka big ski is 1/5 of the super group aonsl, he was born March 3,1992. In cook county hospital on Chicago’s west side but due to a high violence, crime, gangs in the area, his mother decided to relocate him and his older brother LNS to Elkhart, Indiana. His older brother LNS taught him how to rap at a young age. He knew he loved music early on in life being inspired by Tupac, 50 cent, nelly, ghost face, dmx & Kanye West.

Although recording songs with his brother LNS, at only the age of 15 he unfortunately was also arrested with him for multiple armed robberies in 2007 and was convicted 2008, sentenced to 16 years in prison. After 7 years 4 months, Ski was released in February 2015. Now At 26 years old Big Ski has been working on his debut mixtape “Hell Would’ve Been A Vacation”. Passionate, lyrical & captivating are just some of the words that come to mind when listening to Big Ski’s music! His journey consists of trials and triumphs, which reflects in his heart pounding lyrics & storytelling! Unlike any artist you’ve ever heard, Big Ski is bound to make his mark in the rap game.

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